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Community Cause

Assisting Families on Long Island Struggling with Poverty

New York is approaching a crisis of poverty, as one in seven people in the state report a lack of access to basic necessities and food. One in five children in the area is living below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate is outpacing the national average, suggesting that these trends will continue for some time.

Our agency cannot stand by while our neighbors go hungry, and we have decided to act by launching a campaign to provide real support for families on Long Island.

Providing Real Relief

The Althea Johnson Agency is a dedicated Regional Ambassador in the #AgentsofChange movement, and we are committed to providing meaningful assistance to children and families in our area. We will be working to assist local food banks and food provision programs, providing direct support to families that are facing especially challenging financial struggles, and encouraging children in our community to finish their education.

We have much to do, and we cannot do it alone. We need your help.

 We Need Your Help!

To be part of this campaign, all you have to do is invite your friends or loved ones to come and visit our team at the Althea Johnson Agency. We will provide them with a complimentary insurance appraisal, and share information with them about this ongoing campaign. Afterward, we will express our gratitude by making a donation IN YOUR NAME to one of the many programs in our area working to provide for families struggling with poverty.

Join Us in Assisting Local Families

There are thousands of families out there right now who need our help, and by working together, we can improve outcomes for a large number of people in our community. Please join us!


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Althea Johnson Agency

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