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Flood Insurance

Good Flood Insurance Coverage

What is it?

Flood insurance is a type of coverage that protects the policyholder from the financial consequences of his or her home being flooded due to severe weather or from the incursion of rising bodies of water. Standard homeowners’ insurance will not cover such flood events. You might wish to buy this kind of protection, which comes as a standalone policy, to ensure you, your family, and your home are protected.

Who is it for?

If you’re buying a home that resides in a zone that’s considered at high risk for flooding, your lender will probably mandate that you carry a special flood policy until the home loan is paid off. This will protect you and the bank too, of course, as their investment in you is likely not minor. Should be considering a home in an area that is not considered high risk, this kind of specialized coverage is any option and not required coverage.


Most insurance policies that give flood protection coverage are offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); there are some exceptions where independent providers also offer this coverage. There are two kinds of policies with one covering only the structure of the home and the other covering the contents within.

What falls under coverage?

There is an important distinction between flood damage and water damage. One is often covered with a typical homeowner policy while the other requires this specialized coverage. In general, a flood is designated by water coming from a natural source that effects two or more structures. Having broken plumbing where water spills onto your kitchen floor is an example of the other.

Peace of Mind

A flood policy that covers your home, business and/or whatever belongings are inside the walls of both provides priceless peace of mind. You will rest assured in knowing that that your investment is protected should some flood event strike. Structures are covered up to $250,000 in the case of residential home and $500,000 for a property that falls under the commercial category. Protection for the contents within a personal home is available for up to $100,000, with a $500,000 limit for businesses. An important feature of this coverage is a guarantee that it cannot be cancelled over repeated claims. And unlike government-provided disaster assistance, one does not need a presidential declaration of a flood emergency in order to obtain this protection.