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Motorcycle Insurance

Good Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Unless you’re new to riding, all motorcyclists are well aware of the risks and dangers in sharing the road with other vehicles and how vital it is to be protected should the unthinkable occur. When an accident happens, no one wants to also be concerned about the financial ramifications as well the physical and mental traumas. Motorcycle insurance provides riders with great financial back-up. Should one need repairs as a result of an accident or is the recipient of acts of theft, vandalism or some other form of damage, this coverage is designed to protect and assist.

Who benefits?

Every licensed motorcycle owner/rider is legally mandated to carry motorcycle insurance. It is often part of the state’s requirement for having a motorcycle license. Motorcyclists will normally be obligated to pass a test, similar to a driving test that auto drivers are mandated to undergo in order to receive their driver’s licenses. Most are eligible for a motorcycle license, with the added restriction of a minimum age for eligibility that varies depending on the state.

How it functions

Insurance providers assess various personal aspects of the motorcyclist, such as his or her driving record and history, their age and all other relevant factors to come up with a monthly premium amount for the potential policyholder. If they come to the conclusion that a person is likely a higher risk, then the premium will be higher. Once the insurance company makes a decision, the motorcyclist then pays the first premium and the insurance coverage is activated.

Different kinds of coverage

There is a myriad of various options available to the motorcyclist through the many insurance provider offerings. Some motorcyclists will decide upon as many options as they can obtain in order to enjoy the greatest possible protection. The different kinds of coverage are listed below:

• Bodily Injury
• Physical Damage
• Property Damage
• Collision
• Accessories Coverage
• Roadside Assistance & Towing
• Medical Payments

Big Benefits

If a biker somehow damages or “totals” their bike or its accessories, the insurance provider stands ready to provide compensation for that which is covered, up to the agreed-upon limits. Often full payment for all the damage and/or replacement is offered, contingent upon the type of coverage that the motorcyclist purchased.